First People Then And Now: Introducing Indigenous Australians – Book

First People Then And Now: Introducing Indigenous Australians


Discover! the rich cultural heritage of Australia’s first people then and now in one of the world’s first centres of civilisation.

Do you want to learn about the vast, sweeping epic story of Australia’s first people dating from 60,000 years ago to the present day?

In this 2nd edition Marji Hill, author of over 65 publications, presents the big picture – history, rich cultural heritage, British invasion, resistance, and the process of reclaiming an almost lost inheritance.


First People Then And Now

First People Then and Now


* Provides answers to questions asked by visitors to Australia from around the globe

* Explains concepts like the Dreamtime, totems, Native title, clan, “tribe”

* Shows how the cultures of the first people survived in the face of almost total dispossession and destruction

* Promotes understanding between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians

* Brings into the spotlight the culture and humanity of the Indigenous Australians coupled  with the insidious colonisation by the British

Do not expect an academic treatise with First People Then And Now as it is primarily a short, educational book designed as a starting point for those who want to know more.

Marji Hill is not Indigenous so the book is not written from an Indigenous perspective. However, Marji has had a lifetime involvement with Aboriginal Australia and has spent years working with the first people and studying their cultures.


* The writing style is simple with headings reflecting the content of each section


* Neither the Indigenous Australians nor the British are glorified or villainised


* The book is compelling and unbiased and questions are answered succinctly

First People Then and Now

Matt Pointon, a visitor to Australia from Staffordshire in England, says the book is  A great read; it draws you in with tales and stories and rewards you with an unbiased education about fascinating people. 

As an Englishman who is spending some time in Australia, it is interesting to learn about the people who lived on the land before. Their cultures and traditions are fascinating and this book makes it easy to absorb. A compelling, digestible and educational book about an often overlooked race we Europeans learn so little about. An essential read.

Anna Niec, Founder of GCECO, Gold Coast in Queensland says First People Then and Now captured my attention with its concise and relevant information. Marji Hill is clearly an authority on the subject of Aboriginal culture. The chapter on art and religion are excellent which Marji makes this complex subject simple to understand, and supplements her writing with interesting, and helpful images. I highly recommend this paperback and ebook to anyone even remotely interested in Aboriginal history and culture.

If you are interested in gaining a basic understanding of the world’s oldest continuing civilisation, how it has evolved, and how it is characterised by its resilience, then this book is for you.

First People Then and Now