Aboriginal Australian Classics For Christmas Reading

First People Then And Now


Aboriginal Australian Classics For Christmas Reading


Aboriginal Men Of High Degree

Aboriginal Men of High Degree: Initiation and Sorcery in the World’s Oldest Tradition. 

By A.P. Elkin

In this anthropological classic, Elkin writes about Aboriginal “medicine men” or “men of high degree”. He looks into their personal qualities, role,and function in traditional Aboriginal society. Some of their super powers included healing abilities, sorcery, thought transference, clairvoyance, disappearing and re-appearing, fast traveling, and meditation.




Poor Fellow My Country

By Xavier Herbert


Poor Fellow My Country

One cannot do justice to the magnficance of this classic in just a few words. A monumental book full of vitality and passion. It is a fast moving epic tale of Prindy, an Aboriginal boy, and his white grandfather.. Realities are brutal, harsh, and horrifying as unjustice after injustice is revealed. It points to the real problem of Australia and where it went wrong.






Aboriginal Australians: A History Since 1788 4th Edition

By Richard Broome

Aboriginal Australians


The author sets the record straight in this informed history of black/white relations in Australia. Broome traces the Aboriginal response to the European invasion, the subsequent dispossession of Aborigines,and the control of their destinies by the Europeans.

Its a powerful history and this fully updated edition is a concise survey of Aboriginal history since 1788.




Six Australian Battlefields

by Al Grassby and Marji Hill



Six Australian BattlefieldsSix Australian Battlefields is an alternative view of Australian history. Through detailed accounts of six great battles, it confronts the reader with the realities of life on the Australian frontier. Through a retelling of the stories of Vinegar Hill, Eureka, the battle in Sydney in the 1790s, the Bathurst War, Pinjarra, and the Battle of Battle Mountain the book reminds the reader of the central place of resistance in Australia’s history.




Marji Hill

Author: First People Then And Now: Introducing Indigenous Australians