Scientists Discover Grass That Tastes Like Potato Chips

Researchers in Australia made an unusual finding after accidentally realizing a newly-discovered species of grass tastes just like salt and vinegar potato chips. The spinifex grass, found in Australia’s outback, was one of eight species discovered by a team of scientists from the University of Western Australia. A paper describing the new species, published in the…

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Aboriginal children suffer ‘shocking’ treatment: probe

Aboriginal children are subjected to “shocking” treatment at youth detention centres in northern Australia, an investigation revealed Friday, after a video of violence against mostly indigenous boys sparked outrage. The damning report said detained children were subjected to physical abuse, encouraged or paid to perform humiliating acts and denied essentials like food, water and the use…

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Aboriginal flag

Australia Rejects Calls for Aboriginal Voice in Parliament

Australian indigenous leaders say a government decision not to establish an official “voice” in parliament representing Aboriginal peoples is a “kick in the guts.” Delegates at a landmark First Nation summit in May called on the Australian government to set up an indigenous body to guide and shape policy towards the country’s most disadvantaged people. Indigenous…

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Aboriginal languages

UN Grills Australia Over Refugees, Indigenous People

TEHRAN (FNA)- The United Nations Human Rights Committee for a second day in Geneva grilled a delegation from Australia over the country’s human rights record, slamming the government’s policies toward refugees and its indigenous population. The Committee condemned the Australian government for detaining the refugees who arrive at its shores by boat, presstv reported. “How does…

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