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Australian Aboriginal Religions

Barlow, Alex   Australian Aboriginal Religions. South Melbourne, Macmillan, 1994.

About this Item:  Pre-owned, 32 page soft cover, and in good condition. Previous owner’s inscription on the inside cover. Slight crease on front cover.  $10 plus $8.60 postage within Australia

The Cherry Pickers

Gilbert, Kevin  The Cherry Pickers. Canberra, Burrambinga, 1988.

About this Item: Pre-owned, soft-cover. Good condition. Minor discolouration spots around the edges on one side. The book has been signed by the author. The Cherry Pickers is the first written Aboriginal play. A collector’s item. $49 plus $8.60 postage within Australia

Six Australian Battlefields

Grassby Al & Hill, Marji   Six Australian Battlefields. North Ryde, NSW, Angus & Robertson, 1988.

About this Item:  A hidden history of Australia and now a collector’s item. 324 pages, hard-cover, and in good condition. Signed by one author, Marji Hill.   $50 plus $15 postage in Australia.

First People Then And Now

Hill, Marji   First People Then & Now: Introduction to Indigenous Australians. Gold Coast, The Prison Tree Press, 2017.

About this Item: New, 96 pages soft-cover. Signed by the author. Good condition. $25 plus $8.60 postage.

The Australian Aborigines

Maddock, Kenneth   The Australian Aborigines: A Portrait of Their Society. Harmonsworth, Middlesex, Penguin, 1974.

About this item: 210 pages, soft-cover. Pages are discoloured due to age mostly around the edges. Some marks on back cover. Rubber stamp inside. $7.00 plus $8.60 postage in Australia.

Up Rode The Troopers

Rosser, Bill   Up Rode The Trooper: the Black Police in Queensland. St Lucia, Qld, University of Qld Press, 1990.

About this item: Chilling story of the infamous Queensland Native Police Force. 211 pages, soft-cover. Pages are discoloured due to age. $19.95 plus $8.60 postage within Australia

Mum Shirl

Shirl, Mum   Mum Shirl: an Autobiography. Assisted by Bobbi Sykes. Richmond, Vic., Heinemann, 1981.

About this Item:   A collector’s item,  pre-owned, soft-cover, and in good condition. Previous owner’s inscription on the inside cover. $45.00 plus $8.60 postage within Australia


Wild, Stephen A. ed.  An Aboriginal Ritual of Diplomacy. Canberra, Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, 1986.

About this Item: The Rom ceremony was performed to establish or re-establish friendly relations with neighbouring communities. Details the songs, dances, and artefacts that are part of the Rom ceremony. Pre-owned, soft-cover, and in good condition. Previous owner’s inscription on the inside cover.  $19.95 plus $8.60 postage within Australia