First People Then And Now: Australian Aboriginal Heroes Of The Resistance

First People Then And Now: Australian Aboriginal Heroes Of The Resistance


Australian Aboriginal Heroes Of The Resistance

Do you want to learn about the thousands of Aboriginal Australians who died on Australian soil fighting bloody wars of resistance in defense of their country?

The seeds of war were sown when it became clear that the British who were taking over the continent were going to occupy the lands belonging to Australia’s Aboriginal people.

Violent conflict on the Australian frontier started soon after the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. This continued right up to the early 1900s with the last massacre of the first Australians being recorded in 1928.

In her most recent book Marji Hill, author of more than 60 publications, presents the story of how the British took over the continent and how its Aboriginal people fought back to reclaim an almost lost inheritance.


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* Under the microscope are five heroes of the Australian Aboriginal resistance

* Tells the stories of Pemulwuy, Musquito, Windradyne, Yagan, and Jandamarra

* Brings into the spotlight the experience of Aboriginal Australians suffering under insidious British colonization

* shows how the success of Aboriginal resistance lay in their knowledge of their country, their lands, their food and water supplies, their skill in their traditional medicine and their ability to employ guerrilla tactics.

* Promotes understanding between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Australians

While not a detailed historical analysis in true academic tradition this aspect of Australia’s hidden history is short, informative and educational  

The writing style is simple with plenty of headings reflecting the content of each section.

The stories of five Aboriginal resistance heroes here are compelling.

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Eddie Dowd, a former teacher in Aboriginal studies writes:

The degree of ignorance surrounding the stories shared by Marji Hill, however, is endemic and often followed by denial, condescension and even violence in defense of the mythical alternatives. Marji’s efforts over decades have doggedly chipped away at the foundations of the formerly uncontested “history” and for this, she is to be highly commended.

Eddie Dowd, Gold Coast, Qld



This admirable concise account of five Indigenous resistance heroes reveals what for many is a ‘hidden history’ of Australia.  The author presents an accessible and dramatic narrative, illustrated with striking original paintings – it is history for ‘the people’, not just the professional historian.

Blan MacDonagh, Adelaide, SA


If you are interested in delving more deeply into an aspect of the world’s oldest continuing civilization and how it is characterized by its resilience, then this book is for you.

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