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Six Australian Battlefields


Six Australian Battlefields





















Six Australian Battlefields by Al Grassby and Marji Hill


Six Australian Battlefields was published as a paperback by Allen & Unwin in 1998. The hardback was published in 1988 by Angus & Robertson.

It was always believed that there were no wars on Australian soil but as many as 20,000 Aboriginal people died fighting wars of resistance that started in the 1790s and continued on for more than a century.

Apart from Vinegar Hill and Eureka Stockade this book tells the stories of four major battles of resistance that took place in Sydney, Bathurst in New South Wales, Pinjarra in Western Australia, and Battle Mountain near Mt Isa in North Queensland. These battles were between Aboriginal resistance fighters and the British regiments.

This paperback is out of print. But it is available on Amazon, and given its price, it has obviously become a collector’s item.


Marji Hill

Author: First People Then And Now